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June 25, 2013

Ryan Taylor, Masculine Cover Man, June 2013

by Caleb Calaraga and Spiro Johansen

Our prototype of a masculine cover man is someone with chiseled features ,  a handsome youthful face , clean-cut and groomed in the right places. 

The Masculine cover guy exudes confidence and has an athletic presence that towers above just your normal average guy. His virility is unmistakable and he turns heads at every corner. The prototype of our Masculine cover man is in fact our very first cover man for this new series on Masculinemag.com. We introduce to you Ryan Taylor, a native of New York State. He's dabbled in the world of modeling , formerly working with a fashion agency in New York but then changing course to become more of a fitness model.  

We know you are dying to get to know Ryan and so we're going to give you a chance to do just that.  The interview with Ryan follows below along with a set of exclusive images and a video trailer with behind the scenes footage from Ryan's photo shoot for the Masculine series.



Ryan Taylor: The Interview

Masculine Mag (M): So Ryan, you’re slowly shifting from fashion to fitness, what made you want to change course?

Ryan Taylor (RT): I always felt I wasn’t into fashion. Yes I liked modeling but had this doubt in my mind if this is what I actually wanted to do. I always had a passion for working out so once my collegiate track career was over; I picked up a new habit. I worked out a little harder developing, focusing on my muscles more and more. Once I realized the potential I had I knew fashion wasn’t for me and my passion turned to fitness and fitness modeling. 

M: What makes you unique as a male model? Where do you think your appeal is coming from? 

RT: What makes me unique as a male model is my ability to attract the eyes of many different audiences. What I mean by this is I catch the attention of not only females but males as well, basically, anyone who looks at my photographs. My appeal comes from the qualities in my face (jaw, eyes, lips) that attract people along with my lean body. I tend to go for the dark, sexy, rugged look, which comes from my strong facial and body features.

M: What part of your body are you most proud of and why? 

RT: I am most proud of my shoulders. Everywhere I go, I get comments on them especially in the gym so they are definitely my prized possession. I am very proud of them because not many people have big or nice shoulders. Guys often focus on biceps or triceps and forget about the beauty of round, broad shoulders.

M: Do you think you have what it takes to become a successful male model? Why? 

RT: There is not a doubt in my mind that I can become a successful male model. I see these other male models and find the urge to do better, look better. I feel it comes from my work ethic and when my mind is set on a goal I strive to achieve it. Throughout my life I was never handed anything; I always had to work for what I wanted. So this is just another obstacle or stepping stone in my life proving people wrong but more importantly proving to myself I have what it takes. 

M: Growing up, have you ever thought of being the hunky man that you are now? Tell us how you have become the handsome man that you are now. 

RT: I never thought I would look like this or even this good. I have always been somewhat skinny with little muscle on my body from track workouts. Once my track career was over I had a void in my life that needed to be filled. I found myself working out with no specific goal in mind. I then realized I wanted to get bigger, while maintaining a lean body. I started researching bodybuilding workouts, routines, diets and even watching videos on how I could transform my body to become something no one else has. I tried many different plans and routines until I found out what worked best for my body and stuck with it. Within 6 month I gained 15lbs jumping from 175lbs to 190lbs where I currently maintain. I knew I accomplished something when people started commenting on my body but it wasn’t until the summer of 2012 where I had my first fitness photo-shoot that I knew all the hard work has paid off. Now I just look to maintain a lean physique with proper eating and workout routines so I can do what I was meant to do:  inspire others and model.

M: When you say masculine, what comes to mind? Do you feel that being stylish, sexy or “metrosexual” goes against the grain of being a masculine man? 

RT: Masculine to me is being manly or tough. I believe men have two thoughts, one is some men feel ‘metro’ is too girly and steps away from the tough, rugged look they use to intimidate people. On the other hand you have men who like to look masculine but are comfortable doing so in a fashionable manner - to look good or better than other people. I personally feel being stylish or sexy doesn’t go against the grain of being masculine but simply shows you are comfortable with your masculinity no matter what you wear.



M: What sets apart Ryan Taylor from every other male model out there? What makes you different, unique – sexier and better-looking than the rest? 

RT: What sets me apart from other models is my personality and look as a male model. I may come off shy at first but once you break my shell I am outgoing, goofy and like to have a good time. Also, not many male models have my ‘look’, which makes me more unique than most male models. I strive for the strong, sexy presence when I model through my bold jaw line, baby blue eyes and great body. I believe my body and face are better than the rest because I focus a lot of symmetry and my overall look. I do not have one outstanding body part but rather many that work together to create this unique look. My uniqueness is that not only can I draw you in with a great body but I have this boldness about me that is not drop dead ‘gorgeous’, but more of a ‘take me home rough sex’ look that leaves you wanting more. This bold, dark, strong look is what makes me sexier than all the rest.

M: What do you think of when you see yourself in the mirror? 

RT: I think about how far I have come. From being a nobody in a small town to finally seeing how hard work pays off through constant motivation and dedication. I also think about how I can make myself better. I always ask myself: “What can I do to separate me from other models even further?”

M: What’s your biggest fear and why? 

RT: My biggest fear is not going anywhere in life. I do not want to be this person who does the same thing day in and day out until I die. I want to be a role model, change people’s lives, take risks, and have the opportunity to be something bigger than I ever imagined. 

M: When not on the set modeling or en route to a casting call or go-see, what do you usually do? 

RT: I usually spend my time with family, working out and personal training others. I am very family-oriented and without them I wouldn’t be here. I also love helping others achieve their fitness goals and giving them motivation to change their lives. It is a great feeling of success knowing you changed your life but a completely different feeling when you helped make a difference in another person’s life.  





October 16, 2012

2013 Masculine On Sale Now!

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Watch the extended promotional vídeo below, featuring an all-star cast from the 2013 Masculine Calendar.  If you wish to see the downloadable HD Quicktime version of this sexy video, Go HERE.

October 15, 2012

Masculine Calendar Going on Sale October 16

We're just one day off our date for releasing the 2013 Masculine Calendar on the market.  Watch for the link tomorrow that will allow you to purchase the much anticipated calendar.  Below are the promotional front and back covers for your viewing. (click to enlarge)



September 05, 2012

You Decide the Cover Model for Masculine 2013 Calendar

Please help us decide who should be cover model for the Masculine 2013 calendar, due out in mid October. Visit Facebook Voting Booth to Vote.

Promo video featuring the models of the Masculine 2013 calendar: Jeff Seid, Abel Albonetti, Tim Hartman, David Morin, Markus Ricci, Jay Parks, Ryan Taylor, Tom Maxwell, Chris Cummings, Gabe Ondrey, Kyle James

August 13, 2012

Masculine 2013 Calendar to be released Mid October, 2012

The forthcoming Masculine 2013 calendars features some of today's hottest male models on the scene today.  Jeff Seid, David Morin, Kyle James, Abel Albonetti, Will Grant, Tim Hartman, Gabe Ondrey, Tom Maxwell, Markus Ricci, Ryan Taylor, Chris Cummings and Jay Parks.  More info coming soon.



July 30, 2009

More of Ryan T.

A few more photos from the beach set I did with Ryan T.   And a couple with the hoddie. He wears those real well eh?





June 23, 2009

More of Ryan T.

Here are a few more images of Ryan T. that were shot a few months back.  Got some requests for Ryan, so there you have it.  Still working on the print publication project for MASCU, so keep a look out for that.




Here are images shot on Ft. Lauderdale beach, basically noon time.  Lots of people going back and forth, but you'd never tell from this photo.  Luckily the shade from the lifeguard stand helped block all that intense sun.




You can always get some amazing work shooting inside hotel rooms. They've got to be the right ones though.  No cheesy Motel 8 stuff. Right?



April 15, 2009

Introducing Ryan T.

Before I go into my little story about Ryan T.  please check out this great portrait shot of Ryan (of Empire Models, NYC)


So Empire hooks me up with Ryan. The guy is an amazing model to photograph. Watch for great things from this guy, if he decides to pursue it all the way.

Great at taking direction and as some of the previous models featured on here, really knows how to work the camera.  One more photo before continuing here....


Ryan shot some fashion work, but also did some artistic work as in the wallpaper promo photo below.  (click photo for giant enlargement).  Look for him in my upcoming "Temptations" book project.  Date TBA.
This is just a slightly different version of a photo I've already released on the MASCU blog.   Enjoy and spread the word. Thanks everyone!

Watch for more of Ryan in the weeks ahead.


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