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June 25, 2013

Hot Masculine Movie Flicks for Summer 2013

This summer there are plenty of good movie flicks for the big screen fanatics.  We're going to give you our top 5 most recommended "Masculine" flicks worth watching, as of this writing.  These are movies that pack a punch, don't flitter around with melodramatic storielines and often take you for a ride from almost the get-go. So here is our list, in no particular order:


World War Z:  If you like zombies, this is a movie you will love.  It puts a different spin on the popular horror genre.  Brad Pitt keeps you on the edge of your toes as he dodges, runs, jumps, fights and does everything in his power to not only save the world but his beloved family from a "zombie" virus that is quickly spreading across the planet. It's frights, suspense, bullets, zombies and strikingly innovative and realistic CGI all done in a forboding manner. You might even have nightmares when you sleep!


Fast and Furious 6:  Lots of crazy stunts, manly comedy and sometimes over the top action scenes-- but all in good fun.  It's rivalry and brotherhood mixed with high speed chases and lots of cool scenery, as the movie was filmed in many different exotic locations around the world.  Sequels are never as good as the original movies they follow up to, but this one is certainly an entertaining and thrilling 2 hours of speed.


Iron Man 3:  Robert Downey Jr. plays this role extremely well.  As powerful as his Iron-Man suit is, in this sequel, the superhero takes a beating --  you have to feel for Tony Stark, who gets pummeled almost at every turn as he fights the evil villain Aldrich Killian and his hechmen.  It's all of the high-flying action packed sequences, surprise plots and  comedic segways  that we've come to expect from the Marvel action films of today. Can't miss this one.


Kon Tiki:  In 1947 explorer Thor Heyerdal crosses over 4,000 miles of the Pacific Ocean in a small wooden raft to prove that Peruvians could have settled Polynesia.  It's an epic journey for Heyerdal and the viewer feels it, as the movie is intense, dramatic, captivating and full of real adventure.


Man of Steele:  This latest reboot of Superman is spectacular in terms of production values.  It gives you just enough mushy stuff not to bore you, and plenty of intensity and raw bravado everywhere.  The costumes and settings are surreal and the overal visual effect will leave you mesmerized.  And the story line is a good one.  If DC/Warner Brothers keep this up, Justice League will certainly be a very masculine and intense film-- if it should ever be released.



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