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March 07, 2011

Photographers Michael Anthony Downs and Luis Rafael Team Up

Two Different Styles, Same Amazing Results

March 7, 2011 Press Release:

Luis Rafael and Michael Anthony Downs will be going to Jamaica with the winner of the $3000+ Masculine Mag Model Search Contest.  The two world-renowned artists will team up to photograph the lucky winner and two other pre-selected models in what's being described as a "production in paradise".  

It will be tropical sun, white sands and gorgeous hunks frolicking in one of the most exotic Caribbean islands.  The crew will  be staying in a lush villa surrounded by nature and pristine blue seas, and the expectations are high to create some of the most amazing male model images in recent memory.

The Masculine Mag model search/contest is currently underway, and on March 27th the winner will be announced.  The cash prize alone is $1,500 USD.  Roughly 40 contestants will compete for the final slot of this production.

Artist Bios:

Luis Rafael is originally from Havana, Cuba and is an honors graduate of the Houston Art Institute. His work has appeared in DNA Magazine, ads for VPX Redline and on the cover of Wire Magazine, where he was also selected as one of that magazine's Ten Personalities of the year.  Luis was also named Model Health's 2010 Fitness photographer of the year.

Michael A. Downs is a rising star fitness and fashion photographer with numerous covers and spreads for worldwide publications across many genres. His work has appeared in billboard ads for Macy's and he's been featured in Glamour magazine, Instinct and in national media such as E! TV and FOX News.  Downs is also known as the co-founder of the popular All American Guys project and is currently in the midst of launching several new projects, including Masculine and the forthcoming D.G.A.F Productions.

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