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April 23, 2013

Josh Ohl

Michael Anthony Downs Never before seen photo of Josh Ohl. Fan page exculsive.

April 17, 2013

Josh Ohl

Josh Ohl, NO. Higher re version: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151406212851720&set=a.10151406209196720.1073741826.107655381719&type=3&theater

June 07, 2011

All American Guys Promo Vid. Get a glimpse of the returning Josh Ohl

March 23, 2011

Josh Ohl, never before seen images....



A very good amount of never before seen images of Josh Ohl will appear on the All American Guys website this coming March 24, for all the Josh fans.  There will also be a few remastered photos of the iconic Josh.  These several images are for Masculine, courtesy of AAG.

February 14, 2011

Josh Ohl to be featured in Michael Downs book

Yep, that's right.  On the heels of the the 2011 Masculine calendar release, Michael Downs will also be releasing a coffee table book this year which will feature many of the popular models he's photographed over the years, including Josh Ohl.  Read more details here.

February 10, 2011

Josh Ohl news


For fans of Josh Ohl.  This is from a recent update on the All American Guys website.  As promised, some of his never before seen photos will be available soon... as in next week.  Keep an eye out for that.

December 09, 2010

Exclusive Never Before Seen Josh Ohl Coming Soon...



These of course are well known images of Josh (above), but Michael will be releasing some never before seen images of Josh in a special print collection, shortly after the holidays.  Some will include artistic photography and Josh as you've never seen him. So for all the Josh Ohl fans, stay tuned.  You can always join the Newsletter to keep up with the latest info.

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