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October 14, 2013

David Morin, Jamaica Series


June 25, 2013

Survival of the Fittest

by Peter Renault

Staying on top in the male fitness model scene requires more than just killer looks and an eye-popping physique. A star in the field has to embody the standards of the sport as well as its surface attractions. Success demands discipline, determination and desire.


David Morin has mastered all of these challenges in a career that has lasted decades not just years. His perfectly chiseled features and shredded abs have graced the covers and pages of the leading fitness mags: Ironman, Exercise for Men, Muscle & Fitness, and Natural Muscle. He has figured prominently in high-profile industry ads, countless online blogs and magazine spreads. The biggest names in photography -- David Vance, Luis Rafael, Mark Jenkins, Kemuel Valdes, Jason Ellis and Michael Anthony Downs -- have sought him out to enrich their portfolios. Starting out as a pro skateboarder at 17, David Morin was spotted by the Outlook brand. Later he was the face of Yahoo Personals, did a stint on a VH1 reality show, appeared in Vitamin Shoppe ads and promoted Dymatize Nutrition. He has teamed up with fitness icons Greg Plitt and David Kimmerle in photo shoots and videos. 


But success has not been a simple cakewalk for David Morin. There have been highs as well as lows in his quest for the spotlight. Born in Germany in the mid-70s, where his father was serving in the USAF, David is a mix of English, Native-American, French and German roots. From an early age, he was drawn to martial arts, which provided him with core principles that shaped his mindset, keeping him intensely focused, his eye always on the prize.

As a young married adult, fresh out of school and living in Virginia, Morin grappled with the demands of being a parent with two small boys. There were bills to be paid and family issues at home. "I was consumed and overwhelmed," he has stated in interviews. That early marriage ended in a "painful divorce," a blow to his self-esteem that left him feeling like a failure. But instead of harping on the negative, he channeled his energy and frustrations into working out religiously at the gym. "Training is a metaphor for life," he says. "Weights don't exist." They are just the necessary resistance that makes us strong.  


In time Morin moved to South Florida to devote himself full-time to modeling and training, and continued to land magazine covers and media exposure. In 2011, he beat out some particularly fierce competition to win the first Masculine Magazine Model contest, and was flown to Jamaica for an exclusive shoot with Luis Rafael and Michael Anthony Downs. The breathtaking results proved hands-down that David Morin has a uniquely powerful presence in front of the camera and a timeless virile allure. He epitomizes a type of manly appeal that is natural and unaffected, without the need for theatrics, but still packs a punch. Perhaps his proudest achievement, however, is becoming a father again, this time to twin daughters. 

"You are the maker of your own destiny," Morin says. He has faced more than his share of hurdles, some of his own making. "You acquire some baggage," he has admitted. "We all make mistakes, have shortcomings, trauma. But don't block this out!" Instead, he recommends recycling past experience to build a better future. Missteps become the "fuel," he says, for turning things around through a kind of spiritual alchemy, transforming painful lessons into personal progress. In such moments, Morin has been inspired by the wisdom he picked up from his years studying martial arts. "A warrior does not give up what they love," he says. "They find the love in what they do." 

What is most striking about David Morin's compelling story is his staying power. A Libra, he's in his late 30s, and yet he looks and acts like a much younger man. This is a testament to his passion for a strict healthy diet and lifestyle, but perhaps even more-so to his winning attitude. He takes modeling and training very seriously, but knows how to kick back. He lightens the load, he says, by playing guitar, singing, and acting, and hanging with friends. He also relaxes by kayaking, hiking, motorbiking, swimming, surfing and yoga.

For David Morin, life is about finding an inner balance between family and career, love and ambition. The road may seem long and difficult at times, but that is what makes it worthwhile. In life, as in training, he adds, "Resistance is required so your persistence can be admired."



October 15, 2012

Masculine Calendar Going on Sale October 16

We're just one day off our date for releasing the 2013 Masculine Calendar on the market.  Watch for the link tomorrow that will allow you to purchase the much anticipated calendar.  Below are the promotional front and back covers for your viewing. (click to enlarge)



September 05, 2012

You Decide the Cover Model for Masculine 2013 Calendar

Please help us decide who should be cover model for the Masculine 2013 calendar, due out in mid October. Visit Facebook Voting Booth to Vote.

Promo video featuring the models of the Masculine 2013 calendar: Jeff Seid, Abel Albonetti, Tim Hartman, David Morin, Markus Ricci, Jay Parks, Ryan Taylor, Tom Maxwell, Chris Cummings, Gabe Ondrey, Kyle James

August 13, 2012

Masculine 2013 Calendar to be released Mid October, 2012

The forthcoming Masculine 2013 calendars features some of today's hottest male models on the scene today.  Jeff Seid, David Morin, Kyle James, Abel Albonetti, Will Grant, Tim Hartman, Gabe Ondrey, Tom Maxwell, Markus Ricci, Ryan Taylor, Chris Cummings and Jay Parks.  More info coming soon.



April 30, 2011

David Morin, Jamaica Photos by Michael Downs

If there was any doubt why Mr. David Morin was selected as the winner of our recent Masculine contest, these photos should put some of those doubts to rest.  The guy really has a special connection with the camera, as evidenced by these photos shot by Michael Downs.  Keep an eye out for more of David, right here.


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April 21, 2011

Get Ready for Markus Ricci and David Morin

This weekend we'll be presenting a little production on David Morin, winner of the Masculine contest, and also a preview of Markus Ricci, who was part of the Jamaica photo shoot.  You can catch tons of Markus' new video footage over at AllamericanGuys.com

March 29, 2011

Congratulations David Morin, Winner of the 1st Masculine Model Search

David wins over $3000 in cash and prizes and will be joining two other models in Jamaica with Michael Downs and Luis Rafael in April.  Go Here to see the full results.



March 14, 2011

Masculine Model Search Contestant, David Morin

Name: David  Age: 34
Height: 6'2   Weight: 205
Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue
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