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    Jake Gyllenhaal in Nocturnal Animals

    Jake Gyllenhaal  is out with a new movie  which also stars Amy Adams. Check out the cool...

  • Models
    Griff: In Studio and Looking Great

    Griff is a newcomer fitness model from Ohio.  He recently photographed with Michael Anthony Downs and appears...

  • Models
    Mr. Biceps, Zac Aynsley

    Having survived being bullied as a scrawny teen in Morpeth, England, Zac transformed himself through intense workouts...

  • Hot Topics
    Going Virile

    Not so long ago a buddy and I went to see the classic Hitchcock thriller "Rear Window"...

  • Celebs
    Will Smith on “Concussion”

    Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars these days, and has been for a while now. ...

  • Models
    Ryan Taylor

    Our prototype of a masculine cover man is someone with chiseled features , a handsome youthful face...

  • Models
    David Morin: Survival of the Fittest

    by Peter Renault Staying on top in the male fitness model scene requires more than just killer...

  • Hot Topics
    Men and the War on Pubic Hair

    We think that the "über corporate" world might have something to do with it-- the whole idea...

  • Models
    Blake “The Steak” Mouyassar

    It’s rare that a new player enters the fitness world ready for primetime just as he’s kicking...

  • Models
    Kirill Chayka

    Interview with Kirill “Cheerio” Chayka by Peter Renault Born in the Ukraine, Kirill Chayka has one of...

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