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September 25, 2013

Presenting Vito Scara

In his early teens he photographed with the iconic Bruce Weber, for the coveted Hollister campaign. He is now returning to the world of modeling, but in a more "aesthetic" way.

September 04, 2013

Blake Mouyassar Feature

Blake "The Steak" Mouyassar
by Peter Renault


It's rare that a new player enters the fitness world ready for primetime just as he's kicking off his career. But in just a few short months, 18-year-old newcomer Blake Mouyassar has exploded on the scene. His handsome dark looks, killer physique and obvious flair in front of the camera have catapulted him to a level of attention that takes some new faces years to attain. Paired opposite Canadian fitness sensation Justin DeRoy in high-profile photo shoots in Miami this summer with Michael Anthony Downs and Luis Rafael, Mouyassar held his own in the double spotlight and became good friends with DeRoy. At 5',10" and 182 pounds, Mouyassar currently has 17" arms, a 30" waist and 26" legs. He's holding his body fat at 6%. It all makes for an eye-catching debut.


Recently dubbed "Blake the Steak" by Justin DeRoy -- a tag that might stick due to his beefcake appeal -- Mouyassar is determined to take his newfound success to the next level. A Missouri native, Mouyassar already has a global following thanks to social media. Like many young models, he's utilized YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and sites like Bodybuilding.com, to promote himself, gaining friends and fans from around the world. Perhaps it's his easy-going charm that sets him apart or his surprising lack of attitude. Mouyassar doesn't need to bowl over others with chest-thumping theatrics. His intense focus is what gains attention and respect. As he prepares for a medical education, Mouyassar intends to continue training and to make further inroads in the bodybuilding and modeling world. He clearly has no trouble juggling several interests at once and knows how to build on his success. Recently Masculine caught up with the rising star and dug a bit deeper into the Mouyassar mystique. 


M: Blake, your physique is mighty impressive for someone so young. How did you first get into exercise and training? 

BM: Thank you. I started exercising at age 12 when I joined the football team and played for three years, as well as basketball, wrestling and later lacrosse. I was strong and fast my whole life, but never had the anchor weight that I really wanted. With that in mind I decided to begin lifting weights and to make an effort to eat right in order to grow. That was the summer of my sophomore year in high school, going into my junior year, when I was 16 years old, and weighed 125 pounds. It all just escalated from that point.

M: 125 pounds? Amazing. Well, when you were younger who were your role models? On TV or in film or in everyday life?

BM: My biggest role model at a younger age was my cousin Justin Shea who began working out and I saw how much he grew, and decided I wanted to do the same. In the movie world, my biggest role models were Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, the two guys who I thought could take anyone on because of their size and strength. I still admire these people to this day.

M: Do you see yourself more as a fitness model or as a bodybuilder? And how do you balance the two? Do you need to train differently for a photo shoot? 

BM: I see myself more as a bodybuilder. I love that it is just me against myself when it comes to the work that has to be put in. I push myself as hard as I can everyday and with that my body grows and forms into a physique that is admired or wanted by some, and that is where the photo shoot aspect comes into play. It gives me a chance to properly show everyone how the hard work eventually pays off and gives people something to shoot towards. It is quite an easy balance as everything I do to prepare for a bodybuilding competition is what is necessary for a photo shoot. I keep everything the same, training wise, when it comes down to doing a shoot.

M: When you shot with Luis Rafael and Michael Downs you were paired with new AAG model Justin DeRoy. How did that come about and are you guys friends? What's he like to work with?

BM: Justin DeRoy and I met through a social media site called Instagram where we were both big into fitness and just getting our feet wet in this huge industry. I can't speak for Justin, but I feel he would agree that we both wanted to show our hard work to everyone and gather a bigger audience by working with two of the top fitness photographers around. Since both of us have the same interests and likes we got along great! It was just like being reunited with a friend when we met. Both of us are not shy when it comes down to business in the photo shoots so it was easy for both of us working together.

M: You mentioned Instagram. How has social media helped or hindered you in your development as a fitness model? I see you also have some really fun videos on YouTube. 

BM: Social media helps me reach out to a bigger audience and gives me the chance to help and inspire more people, which at this point is what I really am setting out to do. It keeps people interested in the fitness aspect of life when they see a post or video by me. I hope that inspires them to make the decision to better their lives through fitness.

M: You seem to have it all. Dark good looks, smooth skin, great smile. What do you feel is unique about your own look? Makes you stand out from the pack? What is your best asset and why? Any weaknesses you'd like to improve?

BM: I do everything to the fullest, always giving my 100%. When I workout I give it my all.  When I get up on stage, I am giving it my all, and when I am posing for the camera I am giving it my all. Maybe what sets me apart from everyone else is that I am always giving my 100%. When I train I envision myself as being stronger, faster, and bigger. With this comes the trait I have of never being satisfied, which has its positives and negatives. I will never see my body being exactly where I want it; so in my eyes, I can always be improving.

M: Okay. Your focus is truly admirable. But what do you for fun? Models are always keeping an eye on how they exercise, what they eat and how much their body fat is etc, but how do you personally unwind from all that, kick back and just enjoy life?

BM: Being as health-conscious as I am, I try to stick to activities that won't sacrifice my diet or health. I always put my diet first, but when I go out I enjoy seeing movies with friends and family. Nature intrigues me too, so hiking is something I really enjoy. Those are just a few things I do to unwind.

M: Got any special hobbies you'd like to share with us?

BM: Cooking is something I do as a special hobby. I enjoy finding different ways to prepare meals, creating new recipes that are healthy.

M: So you are now the cover boy for Masculine magazine. What does "masculinity" or "being masculine" mean to you personally in this day and age?

BM: For me, "masculine" means power. You are a leader, not a follower.

M: Cool. So what spurs you on to excel? To dedicate yourself to your goals? 

BM: Bettering myself and creating the best possible Blake is what I imagine when I push myself each day.

M: People think of bodybuilders as having big egos, but you strike me as pretty down-to-earth. Still, you can't help getting attention. Any funny stories about people misreading you, or rubbing you the wrong way? 

BM: Something that is funny is my muscles will always, and I mean always, get brought up into a conversation every day with friends, family, or people I have just met. My buddy Jake, whom I have known since I was young, will be around me sometimes when people are commenting about my muscles and he will always say, "He is a nice person too, you know." It's kind of like stating the fact that I have a personality and am not just the visual traits that most people only see.

M: Ha. That's pretty funny. Where do you see yourself going with modeling and fitness? Do you have a particular plan in mind for the future?

BM: I am going to college for the next 6-8 years of my life, as I plan to become a doctor since I am well-educated and can focus myself. But my life has forever changed to being a fitness freak. I want to take modeling and fitness as far as I can, but without it overwhelming my life and it becoming my life.

M: No doubt you will, Blake. You've got a good head on your shoulders as well as that awesome physique. Best of luck to you! 

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