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September 28, 2012

Jeff Seid, Wins Cover Model Contest

Congratulations to Jeff Seid, winner of the cover model contest for the 2013 Masculine Calendar. Jeff will appear on the cover of the calendar scheduled for release in mid October 2012. These are the final standings:

1. Jeff Seid (winner)
2. Markus Ricci (second place)
3. Will Grant (third place)
4. Abel Albonetti
5. Ryan Taylor
6. Tim Hartman
7. David Morin
8. Kyle James
9. Chris Cummings
10. Gabe Ondrey
11. Jay Parks
12. Tom Maxwell

Watch for news and info in the coming days regarding the Masculine 2013 wall calendar.  And JOIN THE NEWSLETTER to stay in the loop when news breaks.


September 27, 2012

Chris Cummings for Masculine Mag


September 17, 2012

Will Grant

Will Grant will be appearing in the forthcoming Masculine 2013 calendar, due out mid October. 


Will Grant for Michael A. Downs

September 14, 2012

Tim Hartman, Vieques video footage

September 12, 2012

The Sexy Tim H.


September 05, 2012

You Decide the Cover Model for Masculine 2013 Calendar

Please help us decide who should be cover model for the Masculine 2013 calendar, due out in mid October. Visit Facebook Voting Booth to Vote.

Promo video featuring the models of the Masculine 2013 calendar: Jeff Seid, Abel Albonetti, Tim Hartman, David Morin, Markus Ricci, Jay Parks, Ryan Taylor, Tom Maxwell, Chris Cummings, Gabe Ondrey, Kyle James

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