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November 09, 2010

Introducing Brad Baldwin



He's got a resemblance to Luke Perry of "90210" fame, and he has the presence of a young Abe Lincoln. His tall, lean muscular physique has just the right proportions where he can pull off a little bit of fashion, a little bit of fitness. But while he might be considered "skinny" to some, Brad is definitely a poweful guy.  On a typical autumn day you can spot him pulling trucks, lifting monster tires and hauling brick, as he trains for an upcoming Strongman competition.  More of Brad below.






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Amazing pics!! Brad's chisled looks and rock hard body are awesome. WOW!!!!

WOW...he is a keeper.

Brad looks absolutely awesome in these photos. His lean but muscular and ripped look takes your breath away. His very handsome face and veins in the biceps makes him very sensual looking as well. The beginnings of a great modelling career.....



thats my man :D

I can totally see Brad doing fashion AND fitness!
Handsome face, stunning lean muscular physique and really sexy!
What more can you ask for? Well, actually MORE of this hunk! :-)
Now the question is: will Brad ever cross over to AAG? I would love him too!
I love the bottom pic! WOW! Shows off Brad's gorgeous physique!

Such a gorgeous man. And he looks like he could be a really nice guy too.

hge is adorable,shy and candid apart from his physique
hell become a model and a first rate one

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