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October 07, 2010

Chase & Masculine Mag


Couple of important announcements from Downs Worldwide.  The 2011 Masculine Calendar is one week away from final delivery to our warehouse and will soon be shipped to all of you who have pre-ordered.  We'll soon begin heavy promos of the calendar including select events across the USA.

Speaking of Masculine, this blog you are reading (Mascu) will soon be renamed to Masculine Mag in early 2011 and will have a brand new look and direction.  It's only fitting, considering the planned release of paper products using the "Masculine" name.  Scheduled for 2011 is the release of the hard cover book "Masculine", as well as the next Masculine calendar and there are plans for a "Masculine" print magazine.  So a lot of exciting things for you, the fans!

These are photos of Michael's newest model Chase, from a recent shoot for Masculine Mag's online edition.  Chase is a superb model from the mid-west.  Watch for his star to rise.


Chase is relatively new to modeling, but he's sure not shy about showing off the physique.





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well helloooooo chase!

Chase is a great friendly guy and I love his physique as well as his gorgeous looks!
He has also worked with Rob Lang - you can see some photos from that shoot by clicking on the blog roll link on the left handside of this page "stunning boys".
I love what Mike Downs has done with Chase! The photos are stunning and sexy, just like Chase himself!

Awesome physique and a cute face! What's not to like?

I am just going to say that Chase is spectacular in every way that I can see. I also think he has this sexiness about him that is just magically electric. It seems to stream through my monitor and overwhelm me. I am enthusiastic, entranced and hope he is around for a very long time. The man has so much to give and I am ready to receive.

Great work and great good luck M A D.

Next year the beared bear will bear a dear baby in the rear.

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