Masculine Calendar's Zack Tapp

If you haven't ordered your copy of Masculine Calendar 2015, please be sure to order it here.  And check out Zack Tapp (below) who is one of the models in the calendar.


October 03, 2014

Masculine Calendar 2015 Available for Purchase

For all you Masculine calendar fans, the 2015 calendar is finally here with model Zac Aynsley featured on the cover.  Model Bryant Wood is on the back cover.  Click Here to purchase your calendar and for more information including model photos.



August 27, 2014

The Men of the 2015 Masculine Calendar

Below is a snapshot of the men of the Masculine 2015 wall calendar.  The calendar goes on sale September 17, 2014 but you can pre-order your calendar right now if you wish.  Go here to Pre-Order. 

We haven't chosen who will be the cover model yet.  We're running a social media contest on Facebok to have the fans help choose the cover model. Who will it be?  You can help decide!  Visit the Masculine Facebook fan page to vote and interact.


Models shown:
Top row, left ro right: Zack Tapp, Pedro Pertile, Sean Bieschke, Vito Scara, Zac Aynsley, Michael Taylor, Justin Maina, Jon Haze, Bryant Wood, Blake Mouyassar, Austen Gravett, Franco Klein.

August 02, 2014

Masculine Calendar 2015 model Dominic Draney

Check out more of Dominic in the Platinum area of Masculine.  And watch for him in the upcoming 2015 calendar.


July 23, 2014

Zack Tapp and Zac Aynsley with Chanel

Masculine calendar models Zack Tapp and Zac Aynlsey share the screen with the sexy Chanel Kissa in this cool promo video.

June 30, 2014

Masculine Calendar Model Bryant Wood

These are photos of newcomer fitness model Bryant Wood, who will appear in the 2015 Masculine calendar.





June 24, 2014

Promotional Video, courtesy of All American Guys

Courtesy of our partner website All American Guys, check out this cool promo they sent us for our viewers.  You can plenty of these guys at

Check out America's Hottest Fitness Guys

June 18, 2014

Dylan Powell for Michael A. Downs

This is a promotional image of model Dylan Powell, who recently photographed for Michael A. Downs and the All American Guys project.  You can catch Dylan over at


June 16, 2014

Zac Aynsley Promotional Post

This is a post featuring model Zac Aynsley, from a recent shoot with Michael A. Downs. Zac will appear in the 2015 Masculine calendar.  You can visit his site, and sign up for the newsletter.



April 18, 2014

Austen Gravett for Masculine

Austen is being considered for the 2015 Masculine calendar.  Check out a few images of the hot newcomer below.





February 24, 2014

Pedro Pertile Feature

On the Rise, Fitness Model Pedro Pertile
by Peter Renault


Blessed with classic good looks and a stellar physique, newcomer Pedro Pertile is already making quite a splash in the fitness modeling scene. Since snatching top prize at the NPC Panhandle Showdown in Florida last spring, this handsome Brazilian-born bodybuilder has caught the eye of several top photographers, most notably Pat Lee and Michael Anthony Downs. Perhaps it is his relatively clean-cut appearance and no-nonsense approach to training that cause him to stand out. Or maybe it’s his innate ability to command the stage as well as the studio. Pertile, who is 5’ 11” and 22 years old, seems primed to be one of the more popular figures in the field. 

Born in Sao Paolo, Pertile came to the United States with his family when he was eight years old. Growing up in Jacksonville, Florida, he took to sports early on, including, of course, soccer, but also wrestling, surfing, and one of his favorite activities, wake-boarding. Now fresh from high-profile appearances in the bodybuilding circuit, he is eager to put his modeling talents to the test. He recently came back from a shoot in Hawaii with fitness photographer Richard D. Whiddon. And it’s just been announced that Pertile will be featured in Michael Downs’s next Masculine calendar. Luckily Masculine Magazine had a chance recently during a break in his busy travel schedule to catch up with this rising star:

MASCULINE: You have such a strong, clean, healthy look, Pedro. How long have you been modeling?

PERTILE: Actually, I have only been modeling for a few months. My first photo shoot was in Fort Lauderdale right after NPC Nationals and my name has really blown up in the industry since then!

M: What motivated you to get started in the fitness field?

PP: At first, it was really just to gain size. I started going to the gym, but like every beginner, you don’t know exactly what you have to do, or what you have to eat. So one of the personal trainers helped me and also got me to step on stage for the first time last year. Starting in January 2013, I got a nutrition and workout coach, who set my standards very high, and helped me achieve them, including my first place wins, national level shows, and, of course, the physique I wanted, which then got me featured on FitnessRX magazine.


M: Were you always in good shape or did you have to overcome certain obstacles to achieve the physique you wanted? 

PP: I have always played sports like soccer (since I am Brazilian), wake-boarding, and surfing, but I was always on the smaller side throughout high school. All my friends either played baseball, football, or basketball, and I wasn’t interested in baseball, too small for football, and not tall enough for basketball. I have always been strong, but never had a good size, so I did wrestling up until my senior year. But that did not help me gain weight. I still remember the first protein tub I got, and walking around school drinking protein shakes, ordering twice the meals, and everyone looking at me like I was crazy!

M: Who were some of your role models when you were younger? And today? Have they changed?

PP: My biggest role models were of course the great Arnold, Tom Platz, Don Long (who is now my very motivated coach) and all of the other guys I would see in bodybuilding magazines. Today, I really look up to Steve Cook, Jaco de Bruyn, Matt Christianer, and lately Ben Pakulski, because of his knowledge of muscle building, hypertrophy and his suggestions of what workouts to do and and why. Another big influence has been a friend of mine, IFBB Fitness pro Kelcie Gahley. She is very caring, and big-hearted and pushes me to become better, gets pissed at me if I say “I can’t,” and supports me no matter what. 

M: Tell us a bit about your exercise routines? What does Pedro Pertile do differently from other guys to get his sleek look?  

PP: I separate all of my workouts. Constantly. I don’t stick to the same workout routine for more than 4-5 weeks or until I notice some plateau. You don’t necessarily need to change the whole routine, but even just changing up the tempo, number of sets, as well as incorporating some supersets makes a difference. I also don’t work out with my ego like I see a ton of guys doing. You may be able to throw up 405 on bench press, but my chest is still bigger than yours and I don’t go that heavy. It’s all a science. Once someone learns about muscle breakdown and recovery down to the neurological blueprint, muscle growth becomes much more efficient (still tough though.)

M: How do you maintain that smooth, well-toned skin? And how have you managed so far to avoid getting tattoos? 

PP: I have honestly never been the kind to put any lotion or sunscreen on my skin until just recently when a few photographers told me I should. I now use a bit of lotion to help keep my skin moisturized and sunscreen while on a boat or at the beach. Regarding the tattoo question, I actually have one! Haha. It’s on my left calf. No more tattoos for me, however, until I decide that fitness modeling is not my thing anymore. This one was very sentimental and I have gotten tons of compliments on it, especially from photographer Michael Downs. (He laughs.) I’m a little afraid he might want the same one on his leg. 

M: Tell us a bit more about yourself. Your background and education?  

PP: My father’s side of the family is originally from Europe, though he met my Mom in Brazil. I was born there. I speak Portuguese, and, of course, English, which I now consider my first language. I am currently in school to get my business degree, and my goal is to franchise a restaurant when I am older.


M: Outside of the gym and the studio, what does Pedro do for fun? Any special hobbies or interests?

PP: I really enjoy traveling, and it’s something I just recently started to do and I am now addicted! I also enjoy going out to the driving range with the guys, skating down First Street in Jacksonville Beach, and I still go out sometimes. But I also enjoy being a homebody. So staying in and watching a Redbox sounds like the perfect night to me.

M: People always have pre-conceived notions about what a bodybuilder or fitness model is like. What is the most unusual thing about you? The most unexpected?

PP: The one thing people think we don’t do is go out and have fun. Just because we look pissed off in the gym when it’s go time. That’s just because we are focused, but outside of the gym, most of us are humble with awesome personalities and even big-hearted. My friends still give me crap every time we go out, asking if I’m allowed to have a beer, or able to eat chicken wings, which I still do from time to time. The most unexpected thing about me, I would have to say, is this whole fitness lifestyle, modeling and getting to travel to shoot. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing at all, but it is taking some getting used to considering that three months ago I never even thought about modeling.

M: How do you train for a modeling shoot? Do you have to alter your routine or diet significantly?

PP: I eat clean for the most part since it has become a habit to always meal prep and pack my meals for the day, but the thing I change the most is my cardio time. i would rather be out doing sprints on a field or at the beach, but when I don’t have time I just do HIIT or Stairmaster. 

M: What’s it like for you working with a photographer? Was it difficult at first? Some models get hung-up about posing in underwear. Has that ever been an issue for you?

PP: I actually really enjoy it because I get to learn a different side of myself whether it be the daydream look, seductive, happy, focused, whichever it is. The hard part was learning what works best for me, but I promise you that gets easier with every shoot. I really don’t mind doing the underwear modeling unless it’s out by a pool or somewhere that the public can see me. I still get nervous sometimes but I have been pushing myself to do better.

M: Aside from anything too scandalous, what was the funniest thing that has happened to you yet during a shoot. Or perhaps the craziest concept for a shoot?

PP: It’s always funny to get attention from people when you are shooting because they all assume you are famous! I have had a few experiences where people have asked me to take pictures with them and one time I actually got a small line of people. In my mind that was very awesome and I felt very blessed to know people liked my physique. The craziest shoot I have done was a gladiator look, and I had everything on — the helmet, all the armor, shield, the whole nine yards!

M: How have your friends and family reacted to all the attention you are getting? 

PP: “Famous” is the first word I get from friends (although I really am not famous) and for the most part they all support me. My family is proud that I found something I enjoy doing and support me 100% even during contest prep when I can get annoyed or stressed and they know when to leave me alone.

M: Is there anything you would do differently if you had the chance? Or advice to those just starting out?

PP: I wish I would have started earlier. I am very competitive and I think about the other guy who is competing for that first place spot or that cover shoot, and it drives me to a different level. My advice is to stay focused, and don’t forget why you started! I have met the nicest, most motivating people in this industry. Yes, it’s competitive, but at the end of the day we are a big family in a community that thinks we are crazy to be able to eat so healthy and stay so dedicated.


M: How does it feel to know you are going to be featured in a Masculine calendar? Is it something you ever expected for yourself? Are you excited about it?

PP: I never expected to be on a calendar unless it was a personal one I had made at Walmart or something. LOL. It’s an amazing opportunity and I feel so blessed and thankful for everything that is happening in my life right now.

M: Where do you see yourself going with all this modeling and fitness? Do you see it developing into a career?

PP: It’s hard to believe I get paid to do something I love and enjoy doing. I am starting to see the career side of it now but the best thing is that it feels natural, and as they say, “Find a job you love to do and you will never work a day in your life.”


You can see exclusive images of Pedro over at the Masculine Platinum website.



February 20, 2014

Dylan V. Promo Video

By fan request, here's newcomer Dylan V's cool promotional video.  You can see more of Dylan in the Platinum section of Masculine.  

Jeff Seid, First Promo Video

For those who haven't seen this, here is Jeff Seid's first professional promotional video, shot for Masculine in 2012, at the start of Jeff's fitness modeling career. Jeff weighed considerably less during his beginnings as you can see in the video. See what Jeff's been up to lately by visiting his site,

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